LOL - Shearing a fun story

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  1. Today i logged in skype and i had a random request (i dont really get many of those) so i figured why not add this guy..
    There i go adding this random person and he is like
    Him: Hi !
    Me: Hello there random person !
    Him: I just saw your pic on the forums and ur fat !
    Me: ktnxbye. (+ ignore)
    Now that really doesn't offend me that much but why would someone waste their time on such things..

    Its so amusing how stupid people can be.. felt like i have to share it :p have a nice day :)
  2. Some people just don't have anything fulfilling in their lives, so they get satisfaction out of unjustified online insults where they don't need to defend themselves.

    A true test of character is being able to laugh at such encounters and not post a long rant about it on YouTube.
  3. Crying over internet trolls is lame xD but ive had similar encounters in real life with people i dont even know its quite fun :D
  4. >.> that is rather odd. I myself enjoy the failures at life that are internet trolls they make me laugh and rage at the same time,but i enjoy a good rage from time to time,reminds me of the ignorance they have.Now in real life random encounters like this do not happen to me,but i know if one were to happen i would go /// myself and QQ in a dark corner....just kidding,but in all seriousness the person that did that to my in real life would be in a world of pain.

    ps. Two things i life i despise are ignorance(24/7 365 style,temporary ignorance is tolerable) and disrespect,these are the only two things that bother me.
  5. Now, I'm not sure if you're using a different image here than you do somewhere else...but if this person actually saw you as fat, hesdoingitwrong. Maybe he meant to message me instead? :p
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  6. Should i take that as a compliment or xD?
    And you dont really look fat to me "hugs"
  7. or me.
  8. Haha. Don't worry, I have good self-esteem so when I do self-fat jokes, it's more for others' humor over wanting emo-self-pity. :p
  9. Auto and Jer i think i was meant.... but then again ppls are afraid to randomly insult me :(
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  10. I always get trolled by random french dudes on skype...
  11. That nation doesn't have enough sex.
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  12. Apparently.
    odd though because when ever i think of France i think of "love makin'" :b
  13. Just my point :3
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  14. This person didnt think you as fat or he wouldnt havebothered to troll you. You are defonot fatbtw.
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  15. ^ what asasurd said is the truth!!!! :D