lol moving too quickly kicked

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  1. i was sailing and the game lagged and ran me into an island and this is the message it gave me

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  2. hmm i also got this message from lagging and crashing into an island
  3. I used to get that a few times when I was jump sprinting across res's.. Haven't had it in a while though xD
  4. Are you guys bad sailors?? :D Just kidding, I too have had lagging while sailing but luckily no hitting stuff or being kicked.
  5. i had it once... because my minecraft guy is a world renown sprinter and MC is just jealous... i deal with it tho.
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  6. Yup, I've got the same thing from crashing in a boat.
  7. Sa
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  8. its not even the server's fault its a default setting and u cant change it (as far as i know...its probably complicated...) but yea i got it from falling through an end portal XD
  9. Me bere?!?!?
  10. I get this a lot when I am in a boat and one time I disconnected then came back and I was floating on my boat then it kicked me for flying when I just logged on I was like... -___-"
  11. Im on a boat and,
    they say i hacked and,
    i got kicked and,
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