lol Missing something?

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  1. lol oh my.jpg

    lol i just figured out how to upload pics btw xP anyway i was looking at my neighbors amazing wool art and came across this and started to laugh xP has anyone else ever found something out of place before in the town protected area before?
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  2. Off topic: See you have iTunes up. What do you like listening to?

    On topic: Sometimes my friends' trees overgrow in the protected area. :)
  3. lol mine did that xP but this is the weirdest thing
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  4. Yeah, it looks so funny between the glowstone lamps. :p
  5. Lol... I saw something like this once, but it was one of the glowstones was removed, and the fence that carried it. I think it is just them forgetting to put them, or maybe just some crazy TNT usage.
  6. I blame Shaun for this, ahah.
  7. One time someone had ice be in the place of the sandstone xD
  8. What server and res is this? Shaun or I can come fix it. What happens is if someone uses fire on their res, sometimes if it's on the edge it can "jump" to the wood in the town, haha.
  9. SMP1 : 2549 Its beside the wool art.
  10. cant u just turn firespread off?