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  1. Hello everyone ! so i have been here for awhile already now but the first time I introduced myself it was kinda lame xP lol didn't say much. But My name is Kelsey, i am a girl. I am from Canada and I am 18 i am also 5"3 (yes im short) I am currently in high school. No job, i wish i had one though, i live in a really small town (so small that the closest walmart is like an hour and half away from my town)

    I LOVE playing minecraft it is really fun but i also play other games, i am huge video gamer from computer games to ps3 (no i do not play xbox, i dont like it) My fave games for ps3 is Call of Duty: Black ops, Modern Warfare 3 and Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.

    My other hobbies and likes are Makeup, Once I graduate I will be attending a Makeup School in Chicago and maybe even take a history coarse. I also love to dance I took a dance class for 3 years, went to provincials and got offered to attend at Dance School in Pennsylvania . I also like working with Polymer Clay, I love making foods out of it and making anything to necklaces, bracelets and phone charms. I love to be really silly and laugh, if you have ever talked to me you probably notice that I type "lol" with every sentence :p I have my license and drive around blasting Katy Perry (I own a 2003 Mustang, G6 thinger) <-- I am not great with cars but I do know how to change my tires and oil thankfully. I also like to eat, I am not a vegetarian I do love meat ! I like the colour purple and teal. My fave drink is ice tea and powerade. I like music mostly ONE DIRECTION, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Katy Perry. Also some rap like Tupac, Bone thugs in harmony, DMX, Chamillionaire and Missy Elliot.

    My Dislikes are Rude people, Immature People, People who don't know how to read the EMC Guide. Umm Olives ! Yuck! Spiders, snakes and heights. Bad Internet Connection. House Cleaning, Cooking (simply cause i can hardly cook) Once I think about it i dont really have a hole lot of dislikes. Well not that come to the top of my head that is.

    So ya thats me Kells18 :) Thanks.
  2. They are both adorable though...
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  3. if there in cute cartoon form then yes ^_^
  4. No. I happen to like them as them.
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  5. I own a snake! She is amazing!

    and how can you not say this is adorable?

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  6. it isn't fun here, don't do it. lol this place sucks some major....

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  7. So what about spiders in minecraft?
  8. Lol i didn't go I want to finish high school.
  9. lol I hate them, i swear my heart stops when i see one
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  10. But some can be so adorable! Like Jumping Spiders! So fuzzy~<3
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  11. Welcome!!! On what server are you? Greetz Tim! :)
  12. Welcome
    And may I say that Spiders are nice when they only exist in 0 and 1.
    So this digital spider is cute : "01001010110"
    But this isn't:

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