loking for some good shops

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  1. loking for some good shops put res number in coments thank you :)
  2. Here are some on SMP4: 9256, 9000 and 8888.
    I've also heard these are good 1111, 4005 and 3456.

    8888 is not currently open but will be very soon!
  3. Looking?
  4. Are you 13? Because your spelling is bad!
  5. and i speak spanish and a little english
  6. He admitted to being 11 and that English isn't his first language :) We just have to remember that. Also before you say he's not allowed, you have to have parental permission if under 13.

    You could go to Alex Chance's on SMP2 4005
    SMP6 Call_Me_Dejaja's Mall at 12039

    I hope I typed those right. I had to do /res info since the shop database seems to be down.
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  7. There's also 3435 on SMP2 :)
  8. 4005 on smp2 and that is the only shop you should think of going to.
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  9. smp1: 1401 and 1111
  10. 9139 - A Brand New Shopping Mall! Selling Almost Everything!
  11. thanks
  12. SMP9: 18240 18320 18310 and 18005
  13. I'm 13, I don't think my spelling is bad. :S