login issues

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by sgx2000, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. am i the only one having login issues?
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  2. I can't connect to minecraft.net :(
  3. Nope, I can't get on either :(
  4. This was an issue for me about 10 mins ago, it has since resolved itself, just keep trying the servers :)
  5. i think minecraft.net is down hopefully they are fixing it now
  6. Its down,

    I will update you all when its back up
  7. Managed to get in after waiting 30 seconds on Logging In
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  8. i can't get in ether :(
  9. its down it cant connect to minecraft.net :(
  10. nope i cant log in either :/
  11. ok i think we have a consensus so we can stop replying lol
  12. Still don't know what the issue with you lot is :D the servers are lovely right now :D not a snippet of spam in the town chat for over an hour now :D
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  13. I'm able to get on now after not being able to for the past few hours.