Logging to Empire Servers trough proxy.

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  1. So yeah, at school (where i can bring my laptop and play a bit) i launch minecraft with the following batch file:
    java -Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080 -Dhttps.proxyHost= -Dhttps.proxyPort=8080 -DsocksProxyHost= -DsocksProxyPort=8080 -Xmx800m -jar Minecraft.exe
    Somehow, i go online (auth and news at launcher work's fine) but then i can't connect to any multiplayer server.
    Can you guys tell me how to fix this out?
    maybe the actuall ip of Empire Servers?
    thanks ;)
  2. My guess would be that maybe your school's network is blocking the ports needed for MC Multiplayer. The news is probably acquired via HTTP, so your http proxy port would handle that. 8080 is commonly used for HTTP requests, so they're obviously not going to block it, and the authentication of minecraft could pass through HTTP as well, or any other well-known port number since it's not a constant connection.

    Multiplayer connectivity uses port 25565 by default (and Multiplayer packets aren't HTTP requests, so the http port on your proxy wouldn't get utilized) , so it's not unlikely that your school's network wouldn't be allowing traffic through on that port.
  3. So, maybe changing the socks port to 25565 it would let me work it out?
  4. Nah it didn't :/ any sugestions on how to make it work?
  5. Do any other online games work? It could be that TCP isn't allowed over NAT. Things like that are why a lot of messenger programs have a transparent fallback on HTTP protocol to allow them to work in situations like that. If any other online games (not browser based) work, then I'm not entirely sure why this wouldn't.
  6. Well, I haven't tried any other games yet, I will as our IT team if they can give us 25565 access. Any solution appart from that?
  7. asking that will pretty much inform them you are wanting to play games... ;)

    I don't know how much of a technical level you have, but SSH Tunneling will defeat any networks security.

    If you have SSH access (which SSH is hit or miss if its blocked, but its usually open) to a server outside of your network, you can tunnel communications through it and be fully encrypted and invisible to the network admin.

    You do this by opening a port (a proxy) on your local PC, that says "anything connects to this port tunnels over this SSH connection, and actually goes to this server at this port"

    So local port 25565 would route to empireminecraft.com:25565 instead, and then you add smp3.empireminecraft.com to your hosts file to resolve to (local)

    That way when the game does a DNS query for EMC, it returns local host instead, connecting to your SSH tunnel port, which then all traffic tunnels over the active SSH connection, encrypted. The network never sees any open connection to EMC or 25565, it only sees your active SSH connection, and can't see what your doing on it (unless they have some deep snooping software on the PC itself...)

    Sorry I can't really explain this any simpler, as this really is at a level only technical people will likely get it working :p
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  8. Thanks for the response, actually I'm allowed to do whatever I want at school during the 1hour break time (but get drunk or smoke :p) I will try SSH'ing trough a localhost and see if it does ok :) anyways, please try to explain a bit easier for other persons who can't decode what you say.