Log-in servers down?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Twitch1, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I logged in to SMP1 this morning, my pistons were back so I activated them and it was ok.
    When I put lava between them and attempted to activate them, they broke and when I mined them, they disappeared.
    In response, I attempted to re-log but was met with an error:
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  2. I got something very similar on SMP9, and can't reconnect. But I can connect to Utopia.
  3. I can get into Stage and Utopia, but that is all... :(
  4. Same errors on SMP7, SMP9 and SMP4...
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  5. And BTW, on Utopia, mob-movement is messed up again, ie they're just "rubber-banding".
  6. Same here. C`ant log on to smp2.
  7. yep....can't log in here either :( bummer!!!
  8. smp3 does the same thing.
  9. I have come to a decision. Based on all the previous posts, I have concluded that all SMP servers are now down.
  10. I believe this is a non-reentry bug, I think people on servers can stay on, but once they disconnect they cant get back on.
  11. my point exactly :)
  12. That happened to me in smp7 and smp1, only utopia works :(
  13. Same thing happen on smp2
  14. Minecraft login servers were under attack earlier which caused them to crash and burn.