Log In Error 10/11/12

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  1. The last reboot caused everyone to be unable to join - if you're on another server i'd stay in it, as you might not can rejoin.

    This could mean:

    Minecraft.net is down again - or is about to update to 1.4.4

    There is a server overload through minecraft.net and only a few can join.

    Or it's something on the emc side ... and help/suggestions would be appreciated :)
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  2. Same problem...
  3. KrisJelbring on Jeb's twitter posted 10 minutes ago:

    If you still are having problems with joining servers, try closing down your MC client and login again.

    Idk if this would be advisable or not, personally, as if it's a minecraft issue - it might keep you from logging in period.
  4. Update: before closing my client i got a session:id error with my id code ....

    after closing and bringing back up i get the same error... wierd
  5. Darn, as soon as I wanted to join again too! :(

    This is likely just a mojang problem
  6. I will try to survive without EMC....
  7. servers are back up - you'll need to completely close minecraft and log back in :)