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  1. Hiya Everyone,

    Twitch visited my residence today and said I should post about it. He took some screenies of it and said he would post them for me. (Thanks!)

    Well I built a log home, because (as everyone knows) getting wood is the easiest thing to do in minecraft/servers. Even though the shape of the house is square, I extended the logs out and formed peaks to give the house more dimension and I mixed it up with planks and logs. I really like my front porch, kind of makes me wish I could make a porch swing of some sort (would be cool!). The inside is bare at the moment, going to add a basement/storage below the house and add chandeliars for lighting. Mostly working on the outside with additional stuff, like a well and pen. Gonna start on a tree farm and expand a bit on my garden, just taking a day at a time with it.

    So thanks for your time and enjoy!
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  2. I think this house is wonderful :)
    Here is the front.

    The rear

    This shows that we in fact do have creative builders in our server who are hiding out being busy and quiet.
    I found this while visiting deadly0534 and I had climbed his tower. I had to visit it. The roof is what caught my eye. :)
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  3. Cool house, great job!

    Do we have a thread for people to show off their creations already? Might be worth starting one, I like seeing what other people have created.

    EDIT: Just realised where this is posted, I'm tired, lol.
  4. Nice house!
    Wish I could be as creative as you;)
  5. This is very nice, IRL I would so live in this!!
  6. friendly log house :)
  7. lol wow thanks for all the compliments guys! :D You know what would have made this house even more epic! If it were made in the mountians!! lol
  8. 0 class friend.