[LOCKED] The Ironic-Sword Farm Building and Res Building!

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  1. Welcome Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Empire Minecraft Player

    Want Your Residence or Wild/Residence farms built, Let us help you!

    Residence Builders

    Faeghost (TEAM LEADER)
    Diamond Supporter

    IronicSwordPlay (THE BOSS)
    Diamond Supporter

    Well-Known Member

    Gold Supporter

    Wild Mob Farm builders

    Normalizers (TEAM LEADER)
    Iron Supporter



    Spawner Finders

    (Any Extras)


    Mad_Miner24_7 (TEAM LEADER)


    (Any Extras)

    In addition the residence farm will also be in charge of the mining (but wild mob farm builders can help too) anyone that brings in at least 9 stacks of cobblestone/stone brick/sand/sandstone/glass/clay/brick/nether brick will get a 1,000r-5,000r (depending on what they bring) paid as soon as the stuff is in the chests at my farm building residence (PM me so I know). I will PM each team its assignments and let you know where the customer wants it built. I want the farm finished in 1 week maximum (2 weeks if its 64 x 64 or bigger farms).


    Mob Spawner Farms = 5,000r to 10,000r
    Handmade Mob Farms = 10,000r to 1,000,000r
    Custom Mob Farms = 50,000r to 1,000,000r
    Crop Farms = 1,000r to 25,000r
    Generator Farms = 5,000r to 50,000r
    Limited Edition Farms = 25,000r to 1,000,000r
    Residence Farms = 15,000r to 60,000r

    Finally Materials supplied = - 50% off build(s),
    Extra Camouflage = + 1,000r,
    Extra Defense (Water/Lava come as standard, unless declined) = + 5,000r,
    Extra Decoration = + 10,000r,
    Bulk Buys = - 10% to 50% off the build.

    I hope you enjoy buying off me. if you have any questions please ask, on thread or in PM conversation/In-game.
    If you want a product please say soon in thread or in PM conversation/In-game, as stocks are limited.


    Spawner Finders = At 4,000r to 6,000r per spawner.
    Miners = At 1,000r to 100,000r per 1 to 9 stacks of items.
    More Builders = 10% to 90% of any profits.

    It may be beneficial to choose preferred servers for builders (chose 3 servers). For example: I've been on SMP3, 4, and 9. SMP3 is my res server. I've transferred my armor and weaponry via the vault and have been navigating the wild so it would be ideal if I build grinders on these server. I wouldn't want to have to make more armor and weapons for all 9 servers. As builders you also become my Ironic friends so you get a FREE 60 x 60 x 5 shop on my upcoming shopping department (if u want it).
    Finally if you have Skype we can talk together (PM me) i'll let you know my name in a PM In game.

    Also lastly if you have YouTube you can feature in Empire Minecraft builds and quests (if you don't you can still feature in it)!

    Yours sincerely

    IronicSwordPlay (your new Best Friend)

    [BONUS] The first 25 people to post an order or join the group on Facebook will get 25% off their build (double tasks completed will be 50% off, once per player)!!!

    Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Ironic.Sword/
    My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Slowkinggamer


    Sorry for the Wall of text!
    Editors Are welcome, as long as you're NOT RUDE!
    Any employee showing off information to other WILL BE BANNED from here FOREVER!
  2. This seems familiar...
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  3. [BONUS] The First Five orders To Like my Facebook page (out Torromarrow) Or buy farm will get them for 75% (25% off)! of the original price!
  4. I see three active threads all with the same name and made by ironic all in the active threads area... I have no clue why this seems familiar.
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  5. It might have over posted my bad!
  6. :)
    Here is a picture from the Services and business forum.
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  7. Yeah, possibly...
  8. Deleted the other 2 for you. :)
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  9. Not trying to be mean or anything, but how do you expect people to pay for these?
    25,000 rupees for a farm anyone can make with a little resource gathering?
    10 million for a mob farm? Where do people come up with that kind of money? It would be more worth it for people to make their own (No matter how crappy it is) farm than to pay for that.
    Sorry, but I don't see how you came up with those prices.
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  10. What is a limited edition farm? Must be good if it's 1 million Rupeés
  11. Shh.. He wants all alexs money xD
  12. wow these price are a bit exsessive

    i mean what kind of farm would a "custom mob farm" be to cost someone 10 million rupees?
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  13. How many people with that kind of money wouldn't have an amazing farm already? How many people even have 10M Rupees?
  14. Maybe Alex... Maybe.. There is a chance....
    Totally not a pun with Alex, Chance... Get it...?
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  15. All the farms EVER put together!
  16. Error i need to edit this a bit!
  17. Sorted your may now buy stuff!
  18. Thank You mighty staff member (wants to be like him...)
  19. Got any examples of mob farms? 1 million is quite a lot of money-- is there anything special about the ones you'll make?
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