[Locked] I'm buying an intro!

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  1. Bump (hint, there's a free 30 day trial of after effects)
  2. Jeanzl is pretty good at intros and such however I think he does them on Sony Vegas.
  3. I know, I might go ask him, but almost anyone can do this :p
  4. Unfortunately, My after effects skills are very rusty and I don't have it any more. I may come back to it one day :p
  5. ask jeanzl
  6. Which is why I linked a tutorial :p

    I think he mainly deals with vegas/c4d.
  7. My specialties are c4d, maya, 3d max, sony vegas, after effects, adobe premier, Basicly most of the editing stuff and I'm glad people said ask Jeanzl :p
  8. :p
  9. So you WON'T be doing minecraft videos?
  10. I just saw this was on sony vegas, After I launched after effects... Now I have to launch sony vegas... #lazyness
  11. And now I just saw that this is in after effects? ....
  12. No, the "NO" is just my profile picture on most non-emc sites. It's my logo of sorts.
  13. and Now I just thought that this would be way easier in sony vegas....

    EDIT: nvm after effects...
  14. Done, Pro may you ask a mod to close the thread?
  15. Okay, thanks! I'll get the rupees to you after school, and I'm reporting this thread now.
  16. I can ask 5weety if she can lock it, is that what you would like?
  17. Oh, that would be great! Thanks!
  18. No problemo, I've just asked her too ;)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.