[locked - dupe thread]Can not log in due to Internal Exception...

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by shinslist, Jan 5, 2014.

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  1. Im getting a message of Internal exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException

    It has kicked me off the server several times today with this message. This last time i has kept me off for about 15 minutes while i was busying building away. I have tried restarting the game many times and well as waiting for 10 or so minutes and checked the server. On Smp1 it shows im still logged in so i can't connect to another server
  2. I get this every time I try to log into smp1
  3. It sucks i was enjoying my build time! It does this at random too
  4. I get it sometimes also. It seems to be often when the connection is bad. Either due to EMC lag, or my own broadband.

    Hence the 'ReadTimeoutException'.

    Basically, it's a lag thing, your lag, EMC lag.
  5. which is odd cause I wasn't lagging on the server. Now im getting :

    Exception Connecting:IOException : Connection reset by peer @sun.nio.ch.FileDispatcherImpl:-2
  6. Try a reboot. It maybe be something else lagging your Java console. or try clearing java cache (which you would do with a reset anyway)
Thread Status:
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