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  1. So I am new so no flaming me if this has came up before but.....

    I was thinking it would be nice to have a way of viewing the loc of all of our locked chests we have currently placed. I have a feeling that i may forget where i have placed some after a few months.

    What do you guys think? It would help cut down on them randomly being scattered in the wild and help us remember if we left one in an old mine or base. I was thinking maybe a list when you go to your Rupees balance page on the site here.
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  2. It is a good idea
  3. it would help alot, i like this idea
  4. Just use Rei's Minimap and set waypoints...
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  5. oh wow, never remembered this.....
  6. Hey twitch, do you know if you would have to reset the waypoints each time there is a new version/upgrade or are they saved in a file in mod folder and transferred to each new version?
  7. I was kinda wondering that too....
  8. The file is saved, you just need to copy it over from install to install.. It doesn't require much in the way of code. :) It saves as smp1.empireminecraft.com.DIM0.points *Name of your save (this is my online save) it saves it in .minecraft\mods\rei_minimap\-savename-.DIM0.points
    You can transfer this file over to each update with no issue. :)
  9. Awesome, sounds like just what the doctor ordered :)
  10. Whatever happened to a bit of paper and a pencil and scribbling things down? :D
  11. On your rupee's history tab, the coordinates for locked chests are displayed with the transaction associated with locking (and unlocking) the chest.
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  12. This is correct ^
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  13. That is incredibly usefull. Now if I could just filter my rupees history instead of looking through thousands of pages...
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  14. I suck at installing mods :(