Locked chest limit?

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  1. I'm sorry if that's a stupid question, but i just heard on server that there is a limit to how many chests you can have locked and I'm just asking for a confirmation from staff about this.
    If this is true, then how many chests can i have locked and does locking doors and furnaces affects anything?
  2. There is no maximum that I am aware of, and yes locking doors and furnaces in the wild does add to the total count of locks you have. (You pay for the lock, not the piece of equipment effected)
  3. Yeah i know i have to pay for furnaces and doors... I expressed myself wrong, sorry. I meant to say if there IS a limit, like let's take for example limit = 5, then does every item has 5 available locks or that means you can have total of 5 locked items no matter if it's all chest or it's two chest and 3 doors etc.
    Anyway, thanks for the reply and i hope yoi're right that there is no limit, or at least not that low like 3 like someone said. :)
  4. We can lock doors in the Wild?!
  5. You can, but someone can just go around them, so I don't really see the point.
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  6. There is no limits to the locks. You may lock as many of whatever you want as long as you have the rupees for the locks. :)
  7. Do all those rupees go to support your TNT addiction? :p
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  8. Thank you all for info. I'm glad that i read what i read :D
  9. I bury a triple-thick obsidian panic room in the wild/nether and I'll find locked doors useful...
    wonder if you could do a setup with a wall of locked doors. all you'd need is strips of obsidian to set them on and place signs. wouldn't that create an inpenetrable wall?
  10. I've thought of that, but so 'spensive.