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  1. I can't find the answer to this but on this machine I have to use Magic Launcher to launch Minecraft and it's still pointed to my 1.3.2 jar file and I can't find a 1.4.2 jar file to download. I tried downloading the Linux one they have on the minecraft.net site but ML says that's invalid. Where can you get this file at?
  2. you have to update from old minecraft or use go to mojangs site and download the 1.4.2 jar and put that in the minecraft bin.
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  3. I backed up my minecraft folder, then used the regular launcher to download the new jar.
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  4. the problem is the reason i use magic launcher is because i have to use a proxy, so the regular minecraft launcher won't work for me and i cannot find a regular 1.4.2 jar on minecraft's site to download, i only saw the one that said to use for linux and as i said, the program said it was invalid
  5. I'm not sure I'd trust a jar that said it was for a specific platform anyway, since java isn't supposed to be platform specific.

    Is there somewhere else you may be able to download it?
  6. ok i got it working now

    crisis averted lol
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