Lizards 1 year & life story! & AMA

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  1. Well where to start..

    Hello this is Tim AKA jrlizard and tomorrow at the time of this post is my 1 year on the wonderful place called EMC.
    Well lets start where I found a series called the minecraft Project made by Tom Syndicate and fell in love with minecraft. Me and my friend Yoyomanthaboss decided to buy minecraft and play on a server. After a dew days of drifting from server to server I stumbled upon EMC. When I joinrd I was debating not joining because of the sign-in but did it anyway. At first I made a small shop selling wood and food to smp4 on 8676 and made my first 1k on that. And after a while I got enough exp and enchanted a pick at ob1bob69(and now are good friends. But at the time were strangers) enchant table. I ended up selling that pick for 10k to Herbrin3 and was the happiest day of my life.

    Skip to my 100th day and I end up convincing my mother to support EMC and I bought an Iron supportership. After around 10 days of being a supporter I met a ver nice lady of the name Tinkerbell28 and start talking and we become good friends and at the same time become friends with ob1bob69 and VITIRI. After a few months of talking and becoming good friends I convince Tinker, bob and VITIRI to join EMC'S mumble. We try to get Imparanoid to join but he denied.We were eventually able to get chickeneer to join.

    Fast forward to around 6 days after EMC's 1 year and I end up meeting some sweet people like Dwight, OrigamiJoe, Heyaroo, Krysyyjane9191, ICC, Aikar, PRO_G4NGST4, Maxarias and some others that I cannot remember.We come to this day and I am friends with many people and am enjoying meeting many more through this wonderful server I enjjoy calling home. :D
    And to this day I have accumulated 1300 posts, 700 likes and 500k rupees.

    A but about myself :)

    I am a freshman in high School
    I am 6' 3
    I am a huge baseball fan
    I go to around 15 Brewer games a year this year I am going to california & Pennsilvania (I spelled it wrong).
    I enjoy both math and Programming in school
    I have a Older half brother named Trevor, a younger brother named Evan
    I also have an older sister Named Taylor, and a younger sister named Gwen

    This will be the AMA part of the post. You can ask anything you want and I will try to answer it.
  2. Happy 1 year! :D I don't know what to ask... so, what was your favourite moment on EMC?
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  3. Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle?
  4. So many to choose from...If I had to choose it would be running around with invisibility potions with Maxarias.
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  5. Charmander
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  6. What is your favorite flavor of pie?
  7. How about... Charbatle?
  8. Apple
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  9. Click laminate or carpet?