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  1. Hi ! Sorry, i'm not playing minecraft anymore...
  2. So, first I would like to say that it's pretty strange to introduce myself in English, because I'm French and so my browser is going crazy because it doesn't speak English. (See yourself, haha). So, in advance, I'm sorry for all the grammatical errors I will make!

    Anyways, I'll introduce myself!
    So, I'm Livounet, but the most of time, people on the internet call me by my first name, Olivier (Well, Livounet is a distortion of my name: Olivier -> Oliv -> Liv -> Livou -> Livounet). So just call me how you want to, haha. As you probably understood, I'm French and I live in France, in the eastern part named Alsace !

    I'll be 20 years old next month, and in real life, I'm a student (well, I will be in September. For now I'm on holiday break, and I'm working all summer long. I'm guessing the holiday isn't in the same time for you and me?).
    To be honest, I don't have any idea of what could I had about me, so (haha, I kind of don't understand this :p)... LET'S TALK ABOUT ME ON MIIENCEIRNAFT ! :D

    I started this game around 2010 or 2011... For 3-4 years, I've been on a European server (which was more french than European in reality) named Minecraft Europe; he closed one year ago because we were all tired of Minecraft, so unfortunately, I don't have really good screenshot to show you. Sorry :/.
    I decided to join you because I would like meet a new community of players, and a good one. I want to play in a server that is close to vanilla,where I can laugh (a lot), and where I can create projects with anyone... In essence, play Minecraft!
    So maybe you're asking, "Why isn't he on a French server?" Well, the reason is that I read somewhere that the English community was funnier, and more fair in general (less griefing, cheating, etc.). Moreover, this is an opportunity to improve my English, which I really need, haha.

    So, that's all for me! I'll See you soon in game (Or one day on Mumble... But to be honest, I have a terrible English accent, haha).
    And sorry again for all the grammatical errors! (If someone is motivated to correct that post for me, it will probably help me to improve my English!)

    I think I got as much as I could do. Welcome to EMC! I'm learning a bit of French in my school, but I can't speak any better than a French kid in CE2, or around third grade, haha.
    Also, most US schools begin around the month of August.
  3. Haha! Do not worry about having bad english on Mumble. There are all sorts of people on Mumble from around the world so Im quite used to hearing different tones/accents of the english language. We do have a few french speakers on Mumble (French Canadian if that counts). Please do give us a visit on there sometime soon! :)
  4. OMG i was thinking the same thing about Rex1o.

    Olivier bienvenue sur EMC. I'm pretty familiar with where you live as I use to live in Luxembourg, then decided to go wild and move to Australia. Enjoy your stay.
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  5. Oh boy is this thread going to kill Ultimamaxx! :p

    I'm glad you chose Emc's community, I think you'll fit in perfectly here :)
  6. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  7. Welcome to EMC! I've always wanted to visit France so it's really nice to meet someone from there. Also, you have better English than some native speakers :p Good luck and if you need help just ask!
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  8. Hi Olivier. Welcome to the Empire. If I could speak and write french as well as you do English, I would be very happy. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  9. Welcome to the empire! Your english is better than some players on the empire, so don't feel bad. :) See you around!