Livestreams.... [Poll]

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Should I do a livestream every week or every other week?

Every week 13 vote(s) 81.3%
Every other week 3 vote(s) 18.8%
  1. After my first livestream last night, i relized i only had three months to do them. I want to make the best out of those three months, so i'm coming to you guys to ask this:
    Should I do a livestream every week, or every OTHER week?

    Also, i'm going out of town from Monday to Thursday, and won't be doing anything youtube related. I was thinking of doing a livestream tomorrow as a short goodbye, but i'm not sure.

    If you want me to do a livestream tomorrow (June 2), say "Potatos" somewhere in your post

    If you want me to skip the livestream tomorrow (June 2), say "Icecreamcow" somewhere in your post
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  3. Jcplugs! Potatoes.
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  4. I was playing survival games this morning and the first food I got was non-baked potatoes! :p
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  5. You said potatos!

    So far, it looks like i'm doing a livestream tomorrow AND every week!
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  6. Wow! I wish I could livestream but, I only have potatoes in my pocket.
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  7. What did you use to record, I've used it before, I just forgot
  8. Potatoes! Must eat!
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  9. I used Hypercam 2
  10. Took me a while to figure out that was invisible text XD
  11. I meant xSplit :p
    I use Fraps
  12. I did :3
  13. I ate a raw potato from my farm
    Also I need somthing to do everyweek
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  14. My profile picture is a bunch of potatoes.
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  15. This thread.... It's glorious.. So many potatos...... potato.....
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  16. I'm off to eat an icecreamcow.
  17. Alright everyone! Looks like i'll be doing a livestream tonight and every week! The livestream (In an exception to tonight) will be every saturday! Tonight, i'm hoping to shoot for 7pm again, but i'll keep y'all updated on when i'm doing it! :D