[Livestream] Heyaroo, AlexChance, Jcplugs, Sonicol1!

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  1. Join us for some fun :D

    May 18th
    LIVESTREAM will be up tomorrow! (Saturday) 11am - 2pm PST

    Ahzeriel will also be there :D
  2. Im watching you....
    *insert creeper face*
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  3. i'm watching >:)
  4. I'm figuring out Twitch for you guys xD.
    I'll hopefully have it up in 10 min
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  5. I will be waiting...
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  6. lol sorry guys I'm watching a tutorial! i think it might work
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  7. get partnered with (machinama?) and you can stream on youtube.
  8. *Please be a quick tutorial*
  9. :C dis is taking a while
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  10. Wu-u-u-tt happened to the 10 minutes? :c
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  11. What are you guys streaming?
  12. I'm on the stream now!
  13. is there a twitch stream?
    send me link of there is :)
  14. Huh, sucks to be on the other side of the world, did I miss much?
  15. >.< I dont even stream :(
  16. You missed me, which is a big deal. J/k :p