[LIVESTREAM] Batman: Arkham City GOTY

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  1. I will be livestreaming Batman: Arkham City GOTY and Crysis 2 on my Twitch.tv channel! I will be accepting challenges, Flying around, and overall kicking butt! I will also play a game suggested by you, that I can easily play online! (For Free, something like Transformice)
    My Livestream is on now, here: http://www.twitch.tv/princebee
    Postponed to: Sept 2, at 9:00, PST. I am also giving away some enchants, items, etc. and a copy of Crysis 2, Maximum Edition!
  2. Postponing to a later date, Sept. 1st! I hope to see you there! I Will be hosting a giveaway!
  3. Giveaway of what?
  4. Check the OP :)
  5. OP? (Over-Powered?)
  6. Original Post :p
    Crysis 2 is now a game I will be playing and giving away!
    Could a mod/Admin/Senior Staff change the title to Livestream And Giveaway!
  7. Bump! Unfortunately, this must be postponed to tomorrow, Labor Day. Please Read the OP for more info.
  8. Bump! Starting in 1Hr 40Mins!
  9. Bump! less that an hour to go!
  10. Bump! less than 30 Minutes left!
  11. 10 mins to go!
  12. Alright, i know, another postpone. Sorry, but I forgot JTC's stream was today as well :p
    This is postponed to next weekend, when is TBA.