[Live Stream] GW2 Maxarias and Erosego

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by EroseYT, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. When we reach 50 views, we'll do a random drawing of everyone who is in the livestream channel at the time, for one lucky winner to receive 10k rupees!
  2. I'm watching :p
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  3. This livestream: Over 50 views
    My Livestreams: 10 at the most

    What is wrong here? :confused:
  4. The people holding it and how it's done.

    Big names are gonna = lots of attention. Also helps to stay consecutive and plan out what you're going to do/stick with something for longer than 3 mins.

  5. Problem with that: people get board and leave the livestream, so i switch
  6. Bump for the stream:
    They are now playing MC not GW2
  7. Well, we were not able to get even 20 people to watch, but we did have a fun time. :D
  8. Yes we did....