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  1. I was wondering if there was a way to hide yourself from the live map. Like remove your name from the map or make it not show you.
    Is that possible?
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  2. Yes, it is perk of all supporters. :)
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  3. Darn it xP
    Because somehow, a diamond supporter by the name of ADtd found my wilderness base, which is underground and dug exactly where my door was. He also somehow got into my locked furnace and took a stack of iron ingots, but gave them to me.

    I really have a feeling he was using an xray texture pack, because it would be virtually impossible to find an underground door covered by dirt in one dig.
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  4. He may have dug in other locations as well.... It could have taken him quite some time. Or, maybe he stumbled across by luck.
  5. I doubt that. It was just one hole...
  6. Well, he could have backfilled the other get out of them? I often dig rogue holes when I hunt for spawners. Although, they are usually 2x1 so I don't fall in lava. And, if he saw you on live map.... he had an indication of your base/cave system.

    Why don't you just become a supporter?
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  7. I wouldn't name names... It's pretty frowned upon here. I would replace it with [anonymous]
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  8. Yeah, it's only around 15 cents a day if you are iron... plus you get 400r a day, /map hide, reserved slot, the whole nine yards.
  9. Sadly, the reserved slot isn't that important lately. Not that I've paid much attention since I became a supporter.

    When I first joined the community, there were only 3servers + utopia. ALWAYS full. So I went Gold....then diamond. Not many more benefits than gold, but I want to help the community as much as I can.