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  1. hey how do's the live work?
  2. Go to servers on this site, click on the server ur on look & click on ur name if you are online in the server.
    hope this helps ;)
  3. i know that how do's track you
  4. the live map is stalker that how it track u
    dun dun dunnnnnnnnn
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  5. Does anyone know what the small translucent orange squares stand for on the live map? Also, there are a couple little world symbols that say spawn, one is where the main spawn is but the other is not where one of the NSEW spawn are... and none of those spawns seem to have the same symbol. Can anyone explain?
  6. I am working on some improvements to the Live Map. The orange squares are open lots in Town. The little world icon just marks the main spawn point for that world (that is why they are not on ouposts).
  7. ah ok cool :) that stuff was showing up on the SMP2 wilderness map so i assume it is because you are making changes :) Always hard at work you are, haha. We are lucky to have such great customer service. Keep up the awesome updates!
  8. It is a bug with the software we use to tile the map, a reload usually fixes it. This bug happens when you switch to another quickly before Town has finished loading.