Live Map Update

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  1. How long do you have to be active in a chunk to have the live map update in the wasteland?

    The area I am mining is visible but the area I explored is still "blacked out".

  2. from experience about 5-10mins for block update
  3. My understanding is that it won't update if you simply walk through a chunk, you have to place a block for it to update.
  4. I have traveled through long stretch of seas where i just rode my boat didn't place any blocks. its just updated 5-10mins later
  5. How long ago was this? It used to be like that, but now there has to be some kind of block update in the chunk, and for good reason, too.
  6. Let me try all your theories to the test and see who is right! :D
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  7. You indeed need to uadd/remove a block grass as example,
    to get the update. this change is done sofar i know a few weeks ago.
    Its only problematic on water, and if you forget to update.

    Bigger problem is that people dont know the new way of makeing the map visible.