Live map coordinates?

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  1. I've tried Chrome and FF, but the live map smp5 is no longer showing coordinates where I hover my mouse.

    Anyone else notice this?

    Does it have anything to do with this message I got earlier?
  2. The Live Map has been acting a bit goofy since the update. I shall have Aikar look into it when
    he comes back around. Although everything works for me

    Edit: I am using Chrome
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  3. We are currently on an alpha release of DynMap, and it is possible our template files have gotten too out of date.

    This is something Justin is more experienced with, so I might see if he can look into switching us to not use the custom template, so that we can keep up to date easier.

    This Dynmap update updated the libraries used for rendering, which was for the reason of "Better support of newer browsers".... so I'm guessing its our template changes thats the fault...

    Edit: seems to be working for me... ? Firefox 19.
  4. Chrome:

    The players and the time of day at the top dont appear upon first load.

    Once I click on town/nether/wild it reloads with the players and time of day working
    And also i get a brief error that appears at the top for a second:
    EDIT: but... the Co-ordinates work fine.