Live map and the new residences after unclaiming

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by runNEOrun, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. When I was building on my original residences, I would see those changes reflected on the live map. Then I decided to change residences and now that updating has stopped. Any suggestions?
  2. I believe the live map takes some time to update at times for some reason.

    One thing you might want to try is clearing your browser cache. That might help.
  3. I am happy to wait for the updates but I just thought I would mention it since while in my first residence, the changes I made were appearing within about 15-30 minutes. But after doing the unclaim/claim about 36 hours ago, I still see the structure on my original residence but my new residence still says it is available to be claimed.
  4. I will look into this. I know it is a bug when you reset or unclaim your residence it doesn't clear the residence on the live map until someone else builds on it. This is just a matter of needing to tell the Live Map when a reset takes place (currently it doesn't tell it).
  5. I never quite actually realized that. Interesting.
  6. I just looked and whatever you might have done did the trick. My original residence is showing as unclaimed and the new residence reflects the work I have done. Thanks!