Littlestone Outpost (smp3)

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  1. The Littlestone Outpost is a newly formed outpost on an island on the edge of explored chuncks.
    we currently are on a mushroom island and have a small mob farm.
    we have plenty of food and farms and a shaft style mine.
    we offer temporary houseing, undergound citys, plots, mushroom citya and much more!
    plese PM me if you would like to join, u can do almost anything...

    I am looking for somebody to show me the ropes and to just help me, cynce this is my first time.

    this is my house:
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    a picture if our temporary farms:
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    and our not yet complete tunnels:
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  2. Could you get any more basic on the details?
  3. like what?
  4. A picture on the outpost from in-game, more information on it...blah blah blah.
  5. mmmkay, how do i put pictures in?
  6. Upload them to imgur, edit your post, and copy+paste the BBCode given.
  7. wuts imgur?
  8. this is what little stone looks like Best Minecraft ServersBest Minecraft Servers
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  9. updated details and some basic info
  10. You have a CEO of an outpost? How much more odd could you get from offering 16x16 plots...
  11. i dont understand...?
  12. how is it odd that there offering 16 x 16 plots??
  13. Okay i think they were pointing out:
    • 16 x 16 Plots are quite small in my opinion, if its big enough for you and your members, thats great.
    • CEO of an outpost? Im not to sure what he would do but it sounds like there might be some other positions and it might be like a ruled over outpost
    • EDITED*: You didn't have hardly any info at the start or pictures, not very good way to express the outpost
    But on the other hand, it looks like a really nice outpost and i hope it go's well :)
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  14. edit: ive pot in a few of the 15X16 plots but now im going for a townly feel, thx fot the feeedback
  15. that's better.
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  16. I'd like to join, but how do you sign up?
  17. PM me, i just had a 3 day blackout so, yeah.
  18. is that rei's minimap because thats illegal on this server(i think)
  19. Its not, its absolutely fine to use. I use it! :)
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  20. but doesnt it show where mob spawners are and stuff?