Little song piece I made

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  1. Frequently, when I try to sleep, I get caught up in involuntarily making my own songs in my head. Nothing long. Maybe just about 60 seconds of me smiling and bouncing my head to some random song I'm coming up with.

    I decided to try to convert one of those to actual music via a program called MuseScore. It didn't come out.. entirely as I was imagining it to be. It was supposed to have a lighter, happier melody to it that flew above everything else. But I ended up really liking what I made.

    But sometimes, when coming up with a new tune to enjoy, I randomly bounce to other songs I know, and use several components. I'm really hoping that I didn't do that, but it's not really avoidable unless I know what songs I'm copying off of. Then I rewrite that section. So, if you recognize any parts, please mark it in the pole and comment section of what piece :)

    EDIT: Never made a pole.. spent too long making the stupid youtube upload work >.>
    Just comment :p
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  2. ign r8s 8/8 m8 b/c its gr8 m8