Little Shop Houses Coming Soon

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  1. its at spm5 11298 they will be 100 for a 10 by 10 4 per lvl but if your interested pm me
    you can sell what you want after your done making it tell me if you need to make changes tell me ill let you build aging ill put sings so you can get into your ceasts you dont have to
    your current lvl of walls floor and roof is dirt so their isnt a roof you can sell the shop back to me for 50r ill pay when i have it i dont keep it i pay you back if you dont want it

    the lvls of walls floor and roof are 1:free dirt 2:10r wood 3:15r stone/cobblestone if you have 2 its 5r
    4:20 stonebrick 10 if you have lvl2 5r if you have lvl3 you have to hell get the resouces if i dont have enough
    im not resonsable for lighting inside the shops
    its 100r 1r per block
    happy now
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