Little Projects - Donations Accepted

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  1. Greetings,
    I am NaturallyFlawed of Natural Inc. /v 12680

    I am posting today, to let the Crafters of SMP6 know that I am in the designing stages of creating a
    note block looping shop melody.

    I am more than capable of getting the materials together that are needed.
    What I'm seeking is anyone willing to donate items/rupees, to speed up the process.

    Donations List :

    Note Blocks
    Redstone Repeaters
    Redstone Dust

    (Or any base material used to create the above items)

    If you would like to help, just reply to this posting, or come on by to /v12680 while I'm online and we can discuss things.

    Thank you for your time,

    "Natural"ly Flawed

  2. I will be setting up Donation Chests in the Donation Center of /v 12680.

    They will be set up for you to sell the Donations for 1 Rupee.
    This will also let you Donate, even if I'm not online.

    sweetpezak, SecretAznEks, Daffy22
  3. Let me know if u need any more supplies and when ur finished :)
  4. I will. From what I gather, it will take about 250 or so of just Note Blocks. Lol. Shouldn't be anything major, just takes a while to get the stuff for it.
  5. If you're alright with getting the raw materials for the note blocks, I have a small stash of diamonds in the wild that I can fetch for you. Just let me know :)
  6. That would actually be very helpful. :) Thank you.
  7. Alright, I'll fetch them when I can. Do you have an access chest set up?
  8. I'll set one up right now.
  9. Ok, chest is set up in the shop, next to the Cobblestone Chest. :)
  10. Thanks. They're a bit far out, so it might take awhile. I'll try to get them in ASAP nonetheless :)
  11. Not a problem. Take all the time you need. Any help is appreciated. :)
  12. I'll donate you 5000r
    I'll do it next time Im online ;)
  13. Well alrighty then! Thank you! :)
  14. I payed u :)
  15. -> Bow And arrow <- I Might Donate