Little Prayer

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  1. In the moonlit sky I stare
    And say to God this little prayer
    Please don't take this true love from me
    Or forever lonely I will be.

    A love so unique and rare
    Without it now is true dispair.
    I need him Lord, you know it's true
    I have never felt so blue.

    My love has never run so deep
    With out him Lord, I do so weep.
    Our love that we have shared
    Is far beyond any compared.

    You know my very heart's desire
    And how my love you do inspire.
    Without his love, how my soul aches
    With this emptiness, my heart breaks.

    But I know now that I must wait
    That you will truly compensate.
    The time that we have spent apart
    A new beginning, a brand new start.

    How I look forward to this day
    And will forever continue to pray.
    For the day as we two become one
    And our hearts reunited has begun.

    This gift you've given me to treasure
    Truly precious, beyond all measure.
    I'll love him Lord for all eternity
    The way you're love was meant to be.

    Now I want to thank you Lord
    For listening as my heart's poured.
    So please don't take this love from me
    Or forever lonely I will be.

    Copywrite Alisa Reafs 2015
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