Lite Of Tekkit

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  1. I was wondering simply if anyone had a tekkit lite server. I`ve been playing single player but have wanted to try the multiplayer aspect of it.
    Q_Tip_1357 :)
  2. Also if you know of one, and wish not to post it I am open to being PM`d the adress. ;)
  3. dont play tekkit its stolen mods
  4. Doesn't this count as Server advertising?
  5. If they post the server ip on this page, yes. If it is in a pm I don't believe it is advertising,
  6. you know, i had a tekkit classic server, but we are switching to FTB tommorow xD
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  7. Whats Feed The Beast?
  8. ...
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  9. Do I rember you?
  10. you do, and i remember you.
  11. Off topic but: Send me a PM about the new server, I will be joining you. I missed FTB.
  12. My FTB isn't working
  13. ill send it tommorow as it wont be done until late tonight. its gonna be yogcraft btw.

    you'll love the friends i have made along the way, met some really great people.

    and epic, jeanz server doesnt exist anymore, he kicked me to the curb and deopped me, left and everyone went with me.
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  14. Oh yeah, I rember the argument you told me
  15. yea, i kinda kicked them to the curb, made my own, and its been really successful.
  16. Ok, none of the FTB Modpacks work for me
  17. I play hardcore tekkit :cool:
  18. ooo can i play?