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    I've noticed that here on the Empire many of us seem to love websites where we can adopt little virtual pets and show them off to other people. Dragon Cave being an example!
    I feel like we're lacking a good variety of different games, so I'm going to list a few to help the people (like myself) who love virtual pets!
    I have an account for most of these, if you join tell me and I'll give you a few free pets and/or items! :p

    Flight Rising

    Flight Rising is a closed-beta adoption game focused around Dragons. Every so often, there will be a few days that the games registration will open, giving people a time to join! In Flight Rising there are different groups/clans called "Flights", these are all represented by a symbol and every Flight 'worships' a certain god. The different flights are Wind, Earth, Ice, Nature, Plague, Lightning, Fire, Light, Wind, Shadow, Water and Arcane. I'm in the Wind Flight, and our Dragon is Windsinger.

    All the Flights are peaceful towards each other, however every they still fight for weekly "Dominance". You can "Exalt" your dragons to send them to your Flight's Dragon, this gives your chosen Flight a little more chance to become the Dominant Flight for the week! Dominance Leader board can be viewed here (Can logged out people see that?)

    This site has very unique art in my opinion

    That's my dragon Timara :p

    You might be able to see the blue wraps she has on different parts of her body. On Flight Rising, you can buy different types of accessories for your dragons with Gold, which you can get from other players, exalting your dragons and playing minigames!

    Finally, Flight Rising features 'Familiars' which are creatures you can give to your dragons as partners. If you bond with them everyday, they will give you a small reward and become more friendly with your dragon

    Timara currently has a Nightsky Furian as her Familiar


    Gryffs is an invite-only "Gryphon Battle Website" which features breeding, battling, trading, customs, accessories, quite a few things really :p

    Gryffs has a few different breeds of Gryphon, but these can be highly customised with different markings and colours, making every gryff unique! The community is very very kind to newbies, judging from the few people I've talked to. I managed to get several gryffs and several items within simple minutes in the live chat! Oh there's another thing, on the right of the site there is a live chat full of players that seem happy enough to help anyone who needs help!

    My favorite gryff of mind is probably Kayla, who got gifted to me

    I'd recommend this to anyone who likes to customize their pets,and anyone who likes detailed breeding!
    (I will be giving away my access/invite code to anyone who wants it when I get one, PM me to claim! More can be given as I get them!)

    Chicken Smoothie

    Ignoring the unusual name, this is a really good website! Chicken Smoothie offers a detailed rarity system, sorted by date and amount of the pet on the website. This site has thousands of pets, all with different rarities, older pets tend to me the rarest, however event pets are sometimes Rare since some people miss out on them. Every month, new pets are released (usually about 3 times a month new pets come out).

    Chicken Smoothie, like the others, offers accessories to add to your pets.

    The most amazing thing I've noticed on Chicken Smoothie is the active forums! It's amazing! Every time you refresh the homepage, the Active Forums completely changes with new forums and new posts. The amount of roleplays on CS is also astonishing, I'd highly recommend this to anyone who likes to roleplay!

    The art is very well done in my opinion, with many unique pets

    My beautiful dog, Jasmine :p

    Chicken Smoothie also feature quite a unique 'infection' in some pets, called Peter Pan Syndrome (PPS), pets with PPS forever stay young and never grow up!

    My favorite PPS I own is 'Barcoded'

    Oh, and ^ is the PPS version of

    Not every animal has a PPS version, this is just a quick example!

    Even though I've only shown off the dogs, CS has cats, rats, dragons, rabbits, birds, everything!


    Eldemore is very very similar to Chicken Smoothie with pretty much the same layout and concept. Every month new pets get released, when you adopt you automatically adopt the maximum amount of pets
    There aren't as many different species as Chicken Smoothie, but Eldemore hasn't been open for as long.

    The designs are really well done in my opinion!

    Eldemore features a 'Bazzar' where you can buy more interesting pets with 'baubles'. There is also an Explore option to explore Eldemore and possibly get new items and such. There also seems to be a forum and a option to trade with other players.

    Dragon Cave

    For anyone who hasn't heard of Dragon Cave. Seen those little eggs in peoples signatures asking for clicks? They're from Dragon Cave! To put it very very simply, in Dragon Cave you go to different areas and 'steal' dragon eggs from dragon nests. These eggs hatch and grow by people clicking them, which is why people ask for clicks!

    (This info may be outdated since I haven't played for a while. Extra info wanted!)

    There are a few more I know of, but they seem pretty bad quality
    I'll add more good quality ones later when I have more time!
    If you know of any more websites, put a link to them here and I'll look into them and maybe put them on the list!

    Thanks for reading!
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