List of Plugins?

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  1. Is there a link or area of the site I overlooked that shows all of the plugins used in Empire? If so, could anyone tell me it?
  2. Why do you want to know? plus most plugins are a group of specially coded plugins that you cant get anywhere else
  3. Why do I want to know? To know what I'm up against and what tools I have at my disposal. Already I've found that there are custom items and custom mob types, neither of which were initially mentioned. So it would be nice to know. In that case, DO you know?
  4. Some are custom coded plugins specifically for EMC, and others are heavily modified versions of existing plugins. Unfortunately they won't work outside of EMC individually and are therefore no real use to anyone else, unless they were looking to copy EMC. ;)
  5. I believe there is a command but most plugins used are all under empire group but thete is about 6 other groups of plugins, mob disguise is the only other one that comes to mind
  6. I'm not looking to USE them per say, as much as know what they are or what they do. A list of what all of the plugins did would be equally as useful, if you're worried about me stealing said plugins, Shaun.
  7. First we have an economy plugin that uses rupees (explained in the empire guide), a residence plugin which is explained in /help res I think. Type /help it should show you some usefully information. We also have the survival update which Adds enraged mobs which have orange text and are really hard, bosses which are huge versions of zombies and skeletons, and a bunch of new itemes that are randomly dropped. We also have an eggifying plugin that lets you right click an animal to put it in an egg. There are lots more you can find by looking through the main pages on the empire.
  8. Well, in the past, /plugins told you like 7 plugins that we have. 2 of them were //we, and /d. So yea >.>
  9. Hi there Nataru! The best way to get an idea of what you're up against is checking out the Empire Guide (and also skim through our Official News posts dedicated to new features). The guide isn't as updated with a few of our most recent features added (we're doing a website update shortly and will have that all updated in it as well) but those that aren't can be found in that News forum. :)
  10. From what I understand, most of the special EMC features (such as the survival update) are in what's known as the "Empire" or "EMC" plugin (of course not for public use). Our own custom version of Residence (for stuff like /v etc.)
    And of course chestshop, world edit, and mob disquise.

    I may be slightly (or incredibly) wrong with those details so if anyone with the knowledge (Jack :p) could correct me there, that would be great.
  11. EmpireResidence, ChestShop, EmpireEntityLimiter etc. are now part of Empire. :) Our custom stuff is all in a plugin called Empire.
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  12. ooh, I was close