list of glitches

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  1. Now this isn't my list i'm asking everybody else to make a list. But I have 1

    my 2 newly hatched cows and my new sheep were acting really weird. 1st one of the cows kept glitching into the air like he was jumping.
    Then the other cow managed to jump on top of the fence.
    And finally my sheep started flying and when he ate grass his head clipped through his head
  2. Animals are a little weird on EMC. Try telling JustinGuy.
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  3. well its nothing too big. They still can't get out of the fence. So it's little more than amusing.
  4. Animals are a little weird in Minecraft. Try telling Mojang ;)
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  5. Ha Ha!:D
  6. nice. :D
  7. Jusin would 2-3 blocks of wall and 4 height be enough ?