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  1. Welcome to the Lion Supply Co. thread! This is a self-made company where my goal is to give everyone the products they need with no haste. All you have to do to order is to pick the item you would like to buy in our catalog. I will try to get orders in as fast as I can. As soon as your order is ready, I will notify you for pick-up. If you would like a deadline, It will cost a minimum of 499r, depending on the order size.

    Please remember that all of my crop related products are grown natural! Our motto here at the Lion Supply Co. is that a machine can't beat hard work.


    1. Sugar Cane Stack: 16r SC: 400r DC: 650r
    2. Wood (Birch, Oak, Jungle) Stack: 95r SC: 2500r DC: 4700r (Out of Stock)
    3. Wheat Stack: 50r SC: 1300r DC: 2400r
    4. Cactus Stack: 25r SC: 650r DC: 1000r
    1. Glass Stack: 60r SC: 1600r DC: 3000r
    2. Stone Stack: 45r SC: 1100r DC: 2000r
    3. Cobblestone Stack: 30r SC: 600r DC: 1000r
    4. Wool (White) Stack: 60r SC: 1500r DC: 2900r
    5. Netherrack Stack: 100r SC: 2500r DC: 4800r
    6. Sandstone Stack: 100r SC: 2500r DC: 4700r
    7. Obsidian Stack: 600r SC: 14,000r DC: 25,000r
    1. Iron Stack: 250r SC: 6499r DC: 10,999r
    2. Gold Stack: 1100r SC: 25,999r DC: N/A
    3. Redstone Stack: 180r SC: 4900r DC: 9000r
    Order Form:

    Quantity (Limit of 4DC per day):
    Total Price:
    Delivery (Include res #):
    Pick-Up Information
    If you do not want delivery, you may pick up your order at my residence. My address is 2437, SMP1. For pickup, find the building that says Lion Supply Co. Pickup. From there you find your name and enter the room where you will find your order.

    If your order is not collected within 7 days, I am allowed to remove your order. If you payed already, I will refund you 50%. If there is an excuse (vacation) let me know on your order form. Every 24 hours I go past your deadline, I will take off 10% of the fee.

    Help Wanted:
    Lion Supply Co. is getting lots of orders and I need help to fill them in a good range of time. I am looking for someone very trustworthy, mature, hard working. I need them to play mostly on smp1 if possible, and they have to be active members. Pay is based on how much you harvest and how good of a work ethic you have. At the moment I am only looking for about 2-3 employees. If you would like to have a job here at Lion Supply Co., then post on this thread with all your info.
  2. Item: 2 DC's of Sugar Cane
    Deadline: None
    Price: 1298
  3. You can count on me, I never got to finish my forum post, ill do it now
  4. Item: 2 DC of every kind of Log (8DC total)
    Deadline: Sunday 22th September, 13:00 GMT+0
    Price: 39.192 + 499 (minimum deadline cost) = 39.691 + tip = 41K.

    Please let me know in advance if you're going to make this. If not, ill adjust my order.
  5. I will, sorry guys I have been a little busy, so I was not able to finish the post on the thread. Ill do it now and work on orders.
  6. Your order is being made. Due to short notice we only have Birch, Oak, and Jungle logs. We are sorry we could not supply Pine. In that case, your total would be 30k.
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  7. Your order is ready at 2437! Enjoy the cane!
  8. I suggest adding cheap netherbrick, I'm sure you'll have plenty of more customers including me :)
  9. I know, I just want to get bloodra's order in first.
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  10. Am I correct to say that you're supplying a total of 6DC now?
    2DC Oak, 2DC Birch & 2 DC Jungle Logs for a total of 30k?
    That is no problem at all! Ill be cutting pine myself then ;)
  11. Item: 2 DC of every kind of log
    Price: 39,192r

    Item: 2 DC of glass
    Price: 5798r

    Item: 2 DC of stone
    Price: 3998r

    Deadline: ASAP (none)
    Pickup at your res please :)
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  12. Item: 1 DC of Cobblestone
    Price: 999r
    Deadline: none
    Delivery: 1756 on smp1
  13. Lots of orders! :D Working on them now. EDIT: Due to large wood orders, I will stop supplying wood until both orders are done.
  14. Like I said before, atm I do not have a stable supply of pine logs. So you will be getting the same wood order as bloodra.
  15. Fine by me :)
  16. When I tried to deliver, it said no move or tp access. I will just put it for pickup at my res.
  17. Sorry, wasnt on to put up an access chest. I'll pay and collect first chance i get
  18. Lion Supply Co. is beginning to launch a new project. I am going to make a private outpost underground which is where I will be gathering the order materials. This will make me get orders done a lot faster.
  19. Yeah sorry for the wait, I have 2 orders of 3dc of wood. Since your order is very big, I have 2 pickup rooms.
  20. No problem, is it done?