Limited Edition Items Auction

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  1. I am doing a auction for a set of armour limited edition and a set of tools limited edition. (yes thee arre the flamin mob launcher and cactus pants limited edition items)
  2. *facepalm*
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  3. the auction will end in a week highest bidder at end of the day gets the items (plz only post bids not random crap)
  4. Most definitely not the right way to auction an item off. Please read the auction rules.
  5. :confused:
  6. Oh, now I get it.
    Yeah, this is invalid.
    Not even the right forum...
  7. and yes ingame and biding starts at 15k
  8. So when is it ingame?
  9. Triple post, wrong forum, not enough arguments given for the auction to be valid, I think you misunderstood ingame. Must I go on?
  10. Ok, I can help you Cody, what you need to do is state every thing I say clearly in the thread you are posting, you need to include:
    -what you auctioning
    -starting bid
    -how much the bids can increase by
    -starting time
    -ending time

    Then you should be good, you could also add photos to show people what you are auctioning but you don't have to.
    Cya around :D
  11. So if I'm not mistaken this is what you mean:

    Items: Flaming Mob Launcher + Cactus Pants
    Auction Ends: One week after this was posted.
    Starting bid: 15,000 rupees.
    Min bid increase: ----
    Delivery / pick-up: -----

    Or did you mean a full set of LE armor + the mob launcher when you said
  12. srry let me make a new valid auction in the right category