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  1. After playing on the server for a few days now I've realised that its hard to make satisfying hotels, apartments and other things like these.


    You don't have any space to build a personal farm, don't have endless rupees to pay for crops and don't have the time to farm in the waste or frontier. What can you do?

    Well with my suggestion you could buy a land plot from a player renting out his spare land.

    This is a simple way to get more space whilst the land owner gets a steady income from his land.

    However i do believe this would need a limited farm flag or something like this, rather than a limited building flag.


    You simply have made a hotel with rooms which your renting out... The player wants to make his room feel like his own so asks for the building flag... You don't trust him though and refuse permission.

    What if however you could offer limited access.

    For example, the player rents an 8 by 8 room, you set his flag to building on his 8 by 8 only. This way you can satisfy customer demand whilst still having control over your res.

    As i said I've only played a few days so there might be something like this available but seen as i haven't seen one this is my simple suggestion.

    Thank you
  2. This is subzones, and it's already planned although far back on the list.
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  3. My bad, looked through a few pages of the suggestion box and found similar ideas.. Ill be sure to be more thorough in my research before posting another suggestion.
  4. I don't think it is in the Suggestion box necessarily.
  5. Next time you should try checking here. It is a mostly complete list of suggestions and what their status is.