LilMonyb's Diaomond axe store and music

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  1. Pick Axes sale--

    Diamond Pick Axe
    Efficiency 2 -- 200r
    Efficiency 3 -- 400r
    Efficiency 4 -- 500r

    Fortune 2 Eff 3 ---1000r
    Fortune 3 Unbreak 3 ---7500r
    Fortune 3 Unbreak 3 Efficiency 3 --11,000r

    Music Juke boxes also
    Cat- 60r An upbeat synthetic melody.

    Mall-60r Another calm piece of music.

    Strad Disc- 65r A tropical-sounding synth piece.

    13 Disc- 75r An ambient track consisting mostly of cave noises, metallic clinks, splashes, wind blowing, muffled bow firings, and creeper explosions.

    Blocks- 60r an upbeat melody

    mellohi- 70r slow, creepy guitar music

    smp7 lot 14121