LilMonyBb's Diamond Pickaxe store and Extra's

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  1. Pick Axes sale--
    Diamond Pick Axe
    Silk 1 Eff 3 -- 14000r

    New Pickaxes (03/20/)
    Fortune 3 and Eff 3 -3500
    Unbreak 3 -1000

    New Pickaxes (03/21)
    Efficiency 3--400r

    New (03/22)
    Diamond Pickaxe Unbreak 3 Eff 3 Fort 2 6500r

    Diamond Pickaxe Unbreak 3 Fortune 3 eff 5 16,500r
    Stone 64 for 50r
    Brick slab 64 1000r

    Music Juke boxes also
    Cat- 45r An upbeat synthetic melody.

    Mall-45r Another calm piece of music.

    Strad Disc- 45r A tropical-sounding synth piece.

    13 Disc- 45r An ambient track consisting mostly of cave noises, metallic clinks, splashes, wind blowing, muffled bow firings, and creeper explosions.

    Blocks- 45r an upbeat melody

    mellohi- 45r slow, creepy guitar music

    Ward - 45r Inspired by heavy rain
    smp7 lot 14121
  2. Wards pretty cool, i might take one.
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  3. Can you put me down for the fortune 3 eff 3 one?
  4. Sure ill log in tomorrow my isp is down.
  5. alright, well i may not be on until after 10pm central time, i have class all day
  6. hey i really need a fortune III ubrk III and i never go in town on smp7 so could you message me and bring one to smp3?
  7. That pickaxe sold
    I have , Unbreak 3 and Eff 3 Unbreak 3 Eff 3 Fort 2 6500r left. Sorry I am updating post now