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  1. Don't we all LOVE likes, I know I do. I haven't seen a thread like this before, so lets go ahead and like everybody who posts on this threads post including mine and we all like each others back. It'll work :p
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  2. You gotta like these 2 posts nao :p
  3. this doesnt seem like its allowed...
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  4. I actually liked this because i liked this and not because the thread said so.
    No is not allowed, from the
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  5. I like the one as him and the whole Kony thing, it cracked me up
  6. It'll work great... until it's deleted because it's illegal and just plain spam.
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  7. I only liked the stuff that was true in saying that this isnt allowed
  8. im not liking anything on this thread
  9. Are you serious a thread to up your number of likes? How in anyway dose this seem like its.................. nevermind im not wasting my time on a stupid thread ill go rant somewhere else.