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  1. Non mathematic/ engineering savvy/ keen people beware, this will hurt your eyes XD


    Heres another for fun: XD


    P.S These problems are from first year Bachelor Mechanical Engineering (honours). Not many of you will understand this... I know Jabr will understand it :D

    Just wanted to show you all what essentially first Engineering is full of :D

  2. I am none of those (yet) but I am one thing...
    You spelled savvy wrong. xD
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  3. >Hahaha too right you are XD


    >And awesome that you are going to get into this stuff! Engineering really opens your eyes and makes you truly appreciate why everything in the world is able to work...

    >Word of advice... when you get to college/ University... make sure you study from the get go. DO NOT let yourself get behind because it just makes your life a hell of a lot harder to get back on top of things :D
  4. Jeez thanks, I can't see anymore.
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  5. Don't say I didn't warn you :p
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  6. That still won't save you from Skynet.
  7. ... Didnt say it would hahaha
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  8. No no get it away I had 5 problems like these on my final exam in calculus class
  9. So, is dA standing for the rate of change of area under the line y=x?

    I say this, as A=S(x)dy (where I'm using "S" as the integral sign), and to me, that means the area under the line y=x?
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  10. I'm asian, and I find this difficult.
    LOL Just for laugh : )
  11. Cant see...... too bright..... *Puts sun glasses on* better...
  12. Ugh it burns! It burns!
    Creeper: Ssssssss (is on fire due to mumbo jumbo)
  13. You have nice handwriting.
  14. High school is going to suck for me....
  15. Haha, that was just university engineering he showed.
  16. OH THANK GOD... Its just that here in Canada, if your 18, your probably in grade 12.
  17. Same thing in the US... Are there like 16-year old seniors somewhere that I don't know about?
  18. Yea this becoming more common nowadays. Their is about 5 kids from the school I went to doing this. All I got to say Congrads and good luck