Lightning & Pigs

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  1. So, at my wild camp on smp1 I was mining some coal, waiting out the rain. I heard a lightning strike right above me, and I heard the screams of a pigman. So I went out of the house, and went to the back of my house, and sure enough, this:

    I know it happens, but i've never actually seen it.
    Also, for a better pic:
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  3. Cover up your coords. Also, AWESOME
  4. Who needs wolves?
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  5. Coords still showing.
  6. Removed them :p
  7. Nice catch, I love how you only caged him as a pet after he became a zombie. :p
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  8. Did you have a nether portal nearby? He could've spawned from that aswell
  9. Only if its 1-4 blocks by the nether portal by the looks of it no
  10. Haven't got that far yet :p
    Zombies aren't good as pets.

    He despawned when I logged off :p

    Edit: He's back! :O
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  11. Hopefully he makes it past the server reboot.
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  12. Yay :D He's still there.
  13. *In chat*
    Noob: whi wont xi-ilike-a-pigh cum onlone to playy????????????????
    SoulPunisher: I captured him.
  14. Awesome!!
  15. What kind of mod is that up in the corner?
  16. Rei's Minimap.
  17. Is it allowed on EMC?
  18. Yup. If it wasn't Soul and me would both be banned.
  19. Ok, to bad I'm a noob and don't know how to use mods..
  20. U read minecraft forums?