Lighting Ideas?

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  1. So, I'm trying to think of some ideas of how to make my base look better without using torches. I am willing to try different designs including hidden lights and visible.

  2. Glowstone with carpet above it.
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  4. Usually, any light source, excluding torches, will be a better choice. What works depends on your build's theme.
    Torches are essentially a stick of fire, a common light source along with sunlight before the introduction of electricity in the Industrial Revolution. In reality, a fire will eventually burn out so somebody will have to relight it. In 2013, the April Fools joke was an unofficial Minecraft 2.0 that had featured burnt-out torches, but this highly doubtful to be added.

    Within Minecraft, there are many other ways to produce light.
    Glowstone is a very commonly used block for lighting with an luminance of 15, 1 light-level higher than torches. As a block on its own, it can be used for underwater lighting too.

    There are many other ways to use it as well. If you have seen some of my builds on SMP5, I cover glowstone a lot with stained glass to make it appear as an unique light source to fit with the build.

    Redstone wire can also be placed on top of glowstone. It won't block wire from connecting diagonally and cannot be powered by it. Slabs and stairs placed upside-down have the same properties with redstone as glowstone.

    List of illuminating blocks:

    There are also blocks that don't block light. Such examples include: hoppers, carpets, paintings, item frames, leaves, pistons, and chests (including ender chests)
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