Lifeline (phone game)

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  1. Ive been recently playing a game on my phone that I bought for $2(US). Its called Lifeline, its about an astronaut who landed on a planet and they trying to get a signal,so they reaches you.
    • The plot follows the Taylor as he/she tries to find a way back home after crashing on a foreign planet. The main character must overcome natural and unnatural elements in order to manipulate the structures of the planet and call a spaceship to come rescue him/her.The time it takes Taylor to sleep and travel is measured in real time, so sometimes the player is left waiting for hours before they will hear from the main character again.
    You talk to the astronaut via a text box,they tell you what they see and as you read along you are given two answers, these answers do affect whether they live or die so be safe. I ended up becoming emotionally involved in Taylor, I worried if theyd be okay or if I would of killed them. Its a really exciting game that leaves you interested in the life of someone on a different plant.
    If you want to read another article, here is a link to one I found about the game. I was quite surprised that the game wasnt very expensive and Im glad I got it . I give it a 4.6/5.
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  2. Ah yes. I played this game a long time ago, very cool and interesting.
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  3. I love that game its amazing :p
  4. I have heard of this, but haven't actually played it yet