Lifehack Thread

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  1. I'm honestly surprised a thread like this hasn't been created yet.
    Anyway, simply share your favorite lifehacks.

  2. If you need battery's for a remote, but the ones you have are too small, stick tinfoil into the empty space.
  3. Also if you have a laptop with a nonfunctional monitor (in other words its gone TARFU) remove the whole half with the screen and plug a monitor into that thing.
  4. That sounds very, very, VERY dangerous. And, this:
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  6. Hmm... I would really consider deleting that before a mod bans you for sexual content or profanity.
  7. I put the disclaimer up for that reason...
    But, I suppose you are right....
  8. I'm not so sure that that fixes it... But whatever.
  9. Look again, also please snip the quote because I deleted it...
  10. Just trying to help you out man.