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  1. I am starting a library. Does anyone have written books for free/sale?
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  2. I can write a mystery using details from an experience I had on EMC. :) Would you be interested?
  3. absolutely!
  4. I have some book series' I could donate if you would like
  5. I'd be happy to donate numerous stories to your library, actually. I will find them in my residence.
  6. I have one a can sell... For a rainy day, by jacob5089... I still need to make a sequel... I wrote the first draft at 4 o clock in the morning.,,
  7. You can try running one of these, but trust me, a difficult road lies ahead.
  8. I imagine so. But I think that it will all work out in the end....
  9. How does one actually build/run a library?
  10. I have a book, "Lost In the Wild". You can have it, where do you want it dropped off? I also will probably write more books :p
  11. Magic.
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  12. I can drop off a book by OrangePie123
  13. Well isn't that a convenient answer... ;)
  14. Hey, that answer works for any question!

    "How did you color that so fast?"


    "Why did you decide to punch the mascot?"


    "Who did this!?!?!?"


    Indeed, this answer works like magic.
  15. Thank You! :D
  16. /v spyguy1503 smp4 put it in the hopper inside
  17. In my story contest the winner gets to write there story in a book so I can donate to
    I'm doing a story contest every month too