Liar or not liar?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Liasen, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Hi!
    I am just wondering if it's allowed to say that a diamond costs 20 r each but then it's 200r each!
    That happend me.
    I was asking if anyone is selling diamonds, then some guy said he had diamonds for 20 r each.
    So i got to his res and he hadn't put up the sign yet so i klicked on the sign over and over and waiting so i could buy a diamond. And when the sign was done it said 200 r!
    I got my money back that time but it happend again at some other dudes res. I paid 400 r for 2 diamonds! And when I said i wanted my money back he ignored me for like 5 minutes! And then he logged out!
    So, I am wondering if it's allowed to do something like that?
  2. umm dude i sell my diamonds for 26r each going down to lik 21r each no joke well when ever the mod will unban witch will be soon
  3. If they are advertising a lower price and then tryin to trick you into paying a higher price. No this not allowed If you find someone doing this please inform a mod, either in game or here on the forums.

    Just so you know though we can't refund any rupees you lost. It is still your responibility to not fall for these scams. Always make sure you are paying what you expect to pay. Don't rush to click the sign, always read the sign first.
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  4. If it says 2 prices on the sign make sure you check it this has happened to me before. The B is the price it will cost you when you buy it. The S is how much money you get when you sell the item to that shop. You right click o buy and left click to sell. If I am incorrect on the clicking when buying/selling please correct me
  5. Well, thanks guys for answering my question:)