LF bukkit/minecraft expert/mod-er w/e

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  1. As the title says i am looking for somewan that knows the internal working of ether minecraft server or bukkit server for a project i am thinking of starting.

    i just want to ask you some questions in spesific how user data is stored and about minecraft protocal/world saves and some more stuff involving that.

    its not super secret so you can ether reply to me here or pm me.

    thanks anyway for reading

    Greetings From Dave
  2. ik a bit of how bukkit works
  3. i can set-up a server
  4. Ok i am just gone tell you straight off i am not a minecraft modder but have general programming knowlage so if you want to throw some code at me to say something i know java quite well so that wont be a problem.

    and then for my question i am going for a sort of world of warcraft armory but then with minecraft so i need to know how user data and items that the user owns and maby items that user has in chest is stored in minecraft and what and if wich database it uses.

    also would like to know how the world is saved and how often the user data is update is it on live or is the data stored first in the memory of the server and at intervals written to a database/file
  5. wait let me think
  6. well userdata is stored in the worlds player folder sorry but i dont know about chests i work with other types o mods
  7. ok and this is the case for both minecraft server and bukkit ? and as user data seems to be stored in a folder i can ashume that it uses a CSV database or something like that ?
  8. That is where i come in!

    Ok like prof said user data is stored in world files such as world, world_nether and world_the_end these are the 3 worlds, however I dont believe that there is a plugin or way to track chests due to the fact you would have a big .log file so the only way is getting a plugin to check/open chests other that i dont know also if you want to add in items such as weapons you will need to find a plugin for that im currently a retired server owner but only 14 ;)
  9. i would rather not make/use a plugin i would want this to run on a webserver and basicly just hook the world files and openen them and scan them and parse and then store the data to a database for quicker accsess and ofc to make sure minecraft server dusint suffer any slowdown
  10. i dont think that you can do that, you could connect the server to save to a database but chest's i think cant be logged
  11. as you have a server would it be posible to send me 1 of those user files so i can take a look at its structure and whats exectly in it ?
  12. im currently on my laptop when i canceled my server i had to DOWNLOAD ALL MY FILES and this took about 2 hours XD i can send you one once im on my comp
  13. hhhhm think i should setup my own bukkit server anyway as i would need to test it anyway, but thanks anyway :)
    would hope they would store it on a JSON or (if it has to come to it) XML format wich is easily parsable ...
  14. i will send you on asap!